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VIVK could be the most DISRUPTIVE Energy Play of 2019! Read why it’s nearing a complete BREAKOUT…


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With tensions rising across the Persian Gulf between the US and Iran once again, Investors and Traders alike have begun to flock back into the Energy Sector at record pace.

According to some analysts, this conflict could send oil prices beyond an astounding $325./barrel!

That’s why this week’s focus MUST turn to a company that not only operates in this Sector, but plans to REVOLUTIONIZE it.


Sure to impress the millennials, Vivakor Inc. (VIVK) takes a GREEN approach to Oil Extraction with a potentially Game-Changing, Patent-Pending technology that can produce high-yield oil in a clean and environmentally-responsible method.

The company also offers remediation and reclamation services to thoroughly and safely remove oil from oil spill related contaminated soil. In other words, tar sands.

What makes VIVK so special is that their technology could produce valuable oil while NEVER drilling a single hole!


And they’re not just talkin’ the talk. VIVK currently has genuine oil extraction technology in place that is operational in the oil sands region in Utah!

Now it goes without saying….when Oil Prices are strong, companies like VIVK with low-cost ways to extract oil benefit the most because they’re able to extract at a low price and sell for a much higher price.

All this and more appears to have caught the attention of the Street as VIVK prepares to UPLIST and develops into a potential BREAKOUT situation!  So let’s dig in…

VIVK is certainly no stranger to Breakout rallies. It’s already seen two this year, including an epic 200% Rally in February to highs of .75!

Now exhibiting hints of another potential rally with a recent 50 & 200 Day Moving Average breach, could VIVK reach even greater heights? See Below…

Both our RSI and MACD Indicators are exhibiting Bullish Sentiment with RSI trending in the Power Zone and MACD recently crossing into Bullish Divergence! Barchart also now rates VIVK a HOLD as of this morning.

So what could prompt another rally for VIVK? Read on…

Vivakor, Inc. (VIVK) is a technology and asset acquisition company with a focus in the area of natural resources. The company’s current focus is on bitumen (heavy crude) extraction from shallow, oil-laden areas in Eastern Utah, precious metals extraction, and petroleum based remediation/cleanup projects across the globe.

Ideally, the company’s aim is to acquire land and make it more valuable through their technology.

VIVK was recently granted a bituminous/Asphaltic sands mineral lease in a 1440 acre area of Eastern Utah known to have enormous heavy crude, bituminous sand deposits.

Simply put, the opportunity for VIVK is ENORMOUS and their technology is GROUNDBREAKING. 

VIVK’s technologies utilized are low-cost, proprietary and proving themselves industry-disruptive! Here’s why…

In the Uinta Basin in Eastern Utah is home to an estimated 100 BILLION Barrels of oil.

The oil isn’t just under the ground.  There’s about 30 BILLION barrels of extractable oil TRAPPED in the oil sands of a long complex of mountain ridges.  Unfortunately, there is practically ZERO oil sands production due to the environmental impact and the transportation of oil sands is very expensive.

VIVK’s proprietary and patent-pending technology to separate all the heavy crude oil from the sand in a Green and environmentally-safe process.

This is essentially a “First In” opportunity as NO ONE else has been able to successfully extract oil from these sands continuously except VIVK.

Unlike other processes which use unclean steam processes to extract the oil, VIVK has developed a solvent and methodology.

As the material is mined, it goes through a 3-Stage Process where the oil sands are first mixed with VIVK’s proprietary solvent and then separated from the oil. The solvent is then 100% reclaimed and recycled through a flash evaporation leaving only clean sand and USABLE OIL!

Best of all, VIVK’s technology and processes are conducted with no water and very low energy, resulting in minimal environmental impact.


This process is fully enclosed with a continuous feed that can run 24 hours a day with ZERO environmental impact.  In fact…it actually CLEANS UP the environment and makes the land more livable!

And to get around the high cost of transporting oil sands, VIVK utilizes it’s Mobile RPC’s (Remediation Processing Centers) to the site itself for extraction!

Each RPC can remediate contaminated oil sand material at approximately 700 tons a day with a 20 year lifespan – resulting in the production of some 250 barrels a day of heavy crude!!

Still confused about how it all works?
Check out this Informative VIVK Video below..

Remember how we mentioned that VIVK’s technology actually CLEANS UP the environment?

Well, there is actually a tremendous need for the cleanup of oil spills around the world.

The middle eastern country of Kuwait still has over 114 Square KM of devastated land from the Gulf War when Saddam Hussein lit up all the oil wells.

VIVK literally has the only technology on planet Earth that can both clean sand, returning it to a normal state, AND produce usable oil from the soil at the same time!

VIVK is now on site and has partnered with R&E Petroleum in Kuwait to clean up the mess.

And even though these sludge contaminated areas are far from cities and water, VIVK can deploy it’s fleet of Mobile RPC’s on site to get the job done!

Kuwait may just be the very beginning!  Learn more about this project HERE.

Among VIVK’s multiple business segments is it’s Precious Metals Extraction Project.

80% of the world’s precious metals like Gold and Silver are in sand in tiny particle sizes, considered to be un-mineable.

VIVK’s precious metals asset has successfully extracted nano and micro sized precious metals over the last two years at a cost and yield for the metals recovered that sets new benchmarks in the industry.

The Company has 18 sizable metals mineral reserves in the Western US utilizing technically advanced, proprietary methods for very high-yield extraction of precious group and rare earth metals.

It is estimated VIVK has over 100 MILLION TONS of precious metal resource material in these 18 claims and can process 2 Mil ounces of over the next 30 years!

Learn more about it HERE!

Situations like VIVK certainly do not come around often!

This is a company with a one-of-a-kind technology that could potentially REVOLUTIONIZE the Oil & Mining Industries!

This makes VIVK a true “First-in” opportunity as they are the only ones in the US targeting oil sands for oil extraction.

Needless to say, the potential is LIMITLESS and with a chart hinting at a BREAKOUT, it won’t be long before the rest of the Street catches on to this low-priced penny play!

So could this be the start of big things to come for VIVK?

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