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BRZL is back and CHEAPER than ever! Could this Pandemic Play Rally for even BIGGER Gains this time?


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Right now the entire globe is facing the biggest health crisis in generations – the Coronavirus Pandemic – all while riots rage in every major city in the US.

Economies are shut down, cities are experiencing millions of dollars in damage, stocks flying up and down and all around…

That’s why in these uncertain times we look for whats safe, what’s proven, and to bring the odds more in our favor.

So it’s practically a no-brainer to bring back a PROVEN PAST WINNER that delivered nearly TRIPLE-DIGIT GAINS the last time we profiled it!

And Today’s Alert may be truly the PERFECT “GROUND FLOOR” PANDEMIC PLAY as they prepare to offer critically needed products for this crisis while also delving into one of the Hottest Once-in-a-Lifetime Sectors in History!

Sales are soaring, big name e-retailers like AMAZON are on board, analysts are rating favorably, and upside potential is through the roof!!

Yet this stock is still trading at mere 2 CENTSCHEAPER than last time!  But perhaps not for long….


Scepter Holdings, Inc. (BRZL) manages the sales and brand development of high-performance consumer packaged goods and seeks to leverage its expertise to grow its portfolio of Beauty and Personal Care brands.

But what really has us excited is that BRZL is now expanding it’s line to develop Hand Sanitizer infused with Hemp Seed Oil!

Now I don’t have to tell you how hard it’s been to get your hands on a bottle of hand sanitizer in the last 3 months.

When the Covid19 pandemic hit, consumers scrambled to buy hand sanitizer, causing a 1400% SURGE in Demand!!

In addition, the company just signed an Exclusive Sales & Marketing Agreement with NoseBudz – an innovative Nasal Air filter that could make masks obsolete!!!

BRZL is basically doing its part as well as capitalizing on this HISTORIC demand while also riding the wave of the Historic Cannabis/CBD BOOM!  Needless to say, these products are sure to be a HUGE Hit!

Still not convinced of the short-term potential for BRZL?


The 2020 US Elections are just months away in November and you can bet that Marijuana Legalization will be on the ballot in several States once again — including one of the Biggest Metro areas in the world – New York/New Jersey/Connecticut!!


Just imagine what legalization in the NY Tri-State Area would mean for the Cannabis movement!  This would be BIGGER THAN CALIFORNIA!  All the new customers, new distribution channels…directly benefiting BRZL and companies like them!!!!!

And that’s still just the tip of the iceburg with this diverse company.  So let’s dig in….

It was literally only less than 3 months ago when BRZL staged an EPIC 1,970% RALLY from sub-pennies to just under .15!

After that, we saw a 2 month period of profit taking & consolidation – resulting in the Descending Triangle Pattern you see today with strong support around .03.

In the midst, members saw a solid 77% Rally from our last alert.

Now today appears we may have gotten a hint of a potentially imminent BREAKOUT as BRZL comes to the apex of our Triangle Pattern! See below….

So what’s the Upside Potential here?  A return to 52 Week Highs would yield traders up to 476% GAINS!

Top that off an Solid “BUY” Rating from one of Wall Street’s most respected Technical Analysts,!

Keep in mind, BRZL also has a very attractive LOW FLOAT of just 129 MIL shares (a mere $5.1 million in the float at the current price!!).  And judging by it’s recent History of Rallies, we could have a real runner on our hands!!

Now keep in mind, only three months ago, BRZL made new 3 YEAR highs.  So it wouldn’t be far-fetched for it to do so again relatively soon!

So what could prompt another epic rally?  Read on….


As mentioned above, BRZL’s goal is to leverage its expertise in manufacturing, distributing, marketing, and selling online consumer packaged goods to grow its portfolio of Beauty and Personal Care brands.

BRZL has a significant relationship and presence on through it’s brands Dermacia and Gevitta.

In fact, the company recently credited Amazon Advertising as one of the primary drivers behind increased sales in January and February of this year.

Last November BRZL posted quarterly financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2019 and revealed that product sales more than DOUBLED those of the previous quarter!

In fact, sales of Dermacia brand products in 2020 are UP OVER 400% compared to the same period last year!!!

And now this company is capitalizing on the ‘stay-at-home-economy’ which are currently enjoying a 70% INCREASE on over just last month!

What’s more interesting… Amazon deemed its Beauty and Personal Care category as essential AND it’s generated the most sales growth on the platform.

BRZL also has big plans to expand its offering to include HEMP-based CBD products across its entire product line.

“There is significant consumer demand for CBD infused products, and we look forward to regulatory changes that would make it legal for California companies to produce hemp-derived CBD infused consumables.”, stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales

So let’s take a look at what this company’s got to offer…..


Hemp-infused Hand Sanitizer

On March 27, BRZL announced ground-breaking plans to develop a unique ethanol-based hand sanitizer formula infused with hemp seed oil.

Considering the current domestic need for disinfectant and cleaning supplies, BRZL is responding by pursuing a new hand sanitizer formula that will disinfect while supporting healthy skin. The goal is to provide a hand sanitizer product that is less harsh on the skin when used multiple times a day.

“Scepter has been fortunate to have good relationships with manufacturing partners that enable us to quickly develop new products in response to consumer needs. We anticipate a positive response to our new hemp infused hand sanitizer formula once it has been launched.”, stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales.

Dermacia Beauty Products

Dermacia’s line of foundation is among the biggest breakthroughs in skin-care history that has been featured in Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Health, Redbooks, Ladies Home Journal and many more publications.

Sales of Dermacia brand products in 2020 are up over 400% compared to the same period last year. Although the company sells Dermacia through, the company has experienced the majority of sales growth through

“We’ve introduced new marketing campaigns as well as increased our spend to support the Dermacia brand, and we are seeing the success of those efforts through better sales in this new year.”, stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales.

Gevitta Vitamin Spray

Gevitta vitamin spray is a liquid supplement for customers looking for a simple way to dispense Vitamin D supplement containing a blend of Vitamins C, D, E, Thiamine, Niacin, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid. Gevitta Multi contains many of the essential vitamins found in competitive multivitamin tablets but in a more convenient spray form.

On April 14, BRZL announced it had introduced Gevitta branded vitamin sprays, Glow and Multi, for sale on!

Although theyre mostly sold out, Gevitta Sprays come in multiple forms from BURN (weight loss), DREAM (for sleep), and AWAKE (for energy).  You can purchase these products HERE.


As you can see, there’s a lot to digest when it comes to all the positive things going on with BRZL!

So let’s break down why BRZL may be the talk of the Street again this week….

► An EPIC Past winner delivering up to 77% GAINS

► Launch of high-demand Hand Sanitizer products infused with Hemp Seed Oil

► Sales & Marketing Deal wirth NoseBudz

► RECORD 400% SALES GROWTH of BRZL’s Dermacia Skin Care Products

► CBD product expansion plans

► History of BIG Rallies including a 1,970% RALLY to New 3 Year Highs 3 months ago

► A very attractive LOW FLOAT

► Triple-Digit UPSIDE Potential – 476% GAINS with a return to March highs!

► Breakout Chart currently rated a “BUY” by Barchart!

► Long-Term catalyst of New States legalizing in this November’s Election including NY and NJ

Needless to say BRZL may be the most UNDER-THE-RADAR Coronavirus AND Cannabis Play on the market right now — and it’s trading at a mere 2 CENTS!!!!

So if you missed this play last time, DO NOT MISS IT THIS TIME!

Make sure you put it on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for Updates + Play-by-Play!


We encourage all to read the SEC’s INVESTOR ALERT before reading this Newsletter.

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