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With soaring Revenues + Huge Upside, NIHK could be the Next Big EV & AI Stock to go Parabolic!

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The Hunt for the Next 1,000% Gainer has begun!

Today we return to two of the HOTTEST Sectors of the Market today – EV (Electric Vehicles) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a company who’s operations encompasses BOTH of these 21st Century Industries!

As we highlighted this morning, companies in this sector have seen HISTORIC Gains in 2021.

On the EV side, NIO soared over 4,500% to 66.99 from a mere 1.43 pricetag in 2019!  And even TSLA – with it’s huge Market Cap – has soared over 1,950% since 2019.

And then there’s AI stocks like TSM and SONO which have soared well over 250% and 530%, respectively, since 2019.

The trend is obvious. EV and AI are not just the future…but the PRESENT.  This is happening NOW. And the market has CONFIRMED it as such.

And that’s why we’re so excited to have discovered a stock that operates in BOTH of these Sectors, yet is completely UNDERVALUED, OVERLOOKED, and CRITICALLY UNDER-PRICED!

But not for long….


Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) is an Electric Vehicles and Battery Technology holding company that operates and manages a portfolio of Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics assets, businesses and operations in North America.


The Company’s most recently inked a Joint Venture with a Chinese EV company to design, develop, manufacture and sell high-performance fully electric vehicles as well as Power Controls, Battery Technology, Wireless Technology, and Residential utility meters and remote, mission-critical devices mostly engineered through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic technologies.

Needless to say, this a GAME-CHANGER for a company already seeing RECORD REVENUE GROWTH!

Video River Networks Announces Company Record Annual Revenue of $1,628,136 for Full Year 2020

After 11 years in business and literally 0 Revenues last year, NIHK posted record of over $1.6 MIL in 2020 due to their successful re-entry into the EV Sector.

“I am excited about our timely pivot into EV, Ai, Machine-Learning and Robotics in the third quarter of 2020. That prescient strategic shift of business focus has started to yield fruits across our business lines.”
stated Frank I Igwealor, NIHK CEO

The company is even planning an EV SPAC in the coming months – a new investment tool that’s all the rage these days.

So with so much to look forward to here, could NIHK rally back to past highs and beyond? Let’s dig in….

It wasn’t too long ago that NIHK was trading in the doldrums of Sub-Penny land.

But as we entered 2021 with the company pivoting it’s operations into EV, the stock literally went PARABOLIC.

NIHK took off in January from .011 eventually reaching All-Time Highs of .193 after a few peaks and valleys, clocking in a MONSTROUS 1,654% GAIN!

Now as one would expect, traders took profits and NIHK now finds itself trading at support around .05 while still maintaining it’s Bullish Trend for the Year. Take a look….


Now with an Ascending Triangle Pattern nearing it’s apex, a LOW FLOAT, and trading at the *same exact price* of .05 where it rallied 286% from in March…. could another EPIC Rally to NEW ALL-TIME HIGHS be in the cards?

Let’s see why….

As we mentioned above, NIHK has had quite a year so far.

From Record Revenues to a new Joint Venture – this is a company truly sliding under the radar. So let’s see what all the fuss is about regarding the company’s new Joint Venture…

On May 12, NIHK formally announced the completion of a Joint Venture with Chinese Electric Vehicle company, Lingstar Co. to form Xian Levs Electric Vehicles and Battery Technology Development Co. Ltd.

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The new entity will combine NIHK’s rollup integration experience and financial expertise with Lingstar’s EV industry expertise in China and would establish an operational base in China to source, design, develop, manufacture high-quality and affordable, high-performance fully electric vehicles, which it intends to distribute in North America.

The joint venture is expected to begin operations before the end of Q2, 2021, subject to regulatory approvals and other customary conditions.

“The Lingstar JV provides an outstanding opportunity to tap from one of the fastest growing global Electric Vehicles market, China.

Marrying available know-how from China with our future US based Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence powered platform to produce superior technology Electric Vehicles at an affordable pricing.

In addition, we will have new global customers from North and South America and West Africa.”
stated Frank Igwealor, NIHK CEO

Needless to say….THIS JV IS A GAME-CHANGER for NIHK! 

And with operations expected to begin ANY DAY, NIHK must be on your screen before the rest catch on!

With Record Revenues, a Low Float, operating in 2 HOT Sectors, and a chart that hit ALL-TIME HIGHS in 2021 but still has IMMENSE Upside Potential, NIHK could be one of those stocks you’ll be bragging that you heard about first for years to come!

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