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LITH is my New Breakout Alert PREVENTING COVID-19 with CBD Hand Sanitizer + cutting edge facemasks! Read why this is our most IMPORTANT Alert EVER

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BioELife Corp.
(formerly US Lithium Corp)

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With the current COVID-19 Coronavirus running rampant, shutting down global economies, and dangerously spreading fast, there are few things one can do to protect themselves.

coronaAnd as we have now become aware that our country, along with much of the rest of the world, were woefully unprepared for such a pandemic — you can bet that preparation and prevention will be a key issue in the coming years — creating a massive opportunity for companies like Today’s Alert.

But right now we’re in the throes of an Outbreak, and people across the globe are clamoring to find the necessary products that could prevent a massively growing infection rate with shortages in markets everywhere.

As of Tuesday morning, there have been at least 206,200+ cases of Coronavirus confirmed by lab tests and 4500+ deaths in the US, according to a New York Times database.


That’s why Today’s Alert may be our MOST IMPORTANT ALERT EVER.

This is a CBD/Hemp-based product company that has literally come to the rescue to provide needed products like protective masks, hand sanitizer and more – and their ready to CAPITALIZE on it with fulfillment as early as this month!

But what makes this company so compelling is there’s much more to these products than meets the eyes….


BioELife Corp. (LITH) was created by successful pharmaceutical entrepreneurs dedicated to using nature’s resources to fight pain and infection while reducing the dependency on opioids and their terrible side effects.

The Company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the emerging Cannabinoid market that is growing at phenomenal rates and is expected to reach $20 BIL over the next five years.

As per the company’s March 12th press release, LITH shocked the Street with the launch of it’s new BioEDefender product line, providing Ultra-Protective Nano-Fiber Face Masks and a powerful CBD-fortified hand sanitizer to combat the growing epidemic.

Needless to say, the announcement sent LITH parabolic – setting off on a 569% Rally, shattering 2 YEAR HIGHS!

LITH chart

The crazy thing here is that LITH isn’t even nearly OVERBOUGHT yet according to our RSI Indicator which means upside could be tremendous!

We’ll be watching for a Breakout of our Ascending Triangle Pattern to confirm a second leg of this Historic Rally.

On our side are two of Wall Street’s most respected Technical Analysts…

barchart buy
Barchart currently gives LITH a Rating of “BUY” with 64% Opinion! gives LITH a long-term rating of “STRONG BUY” based on the Monthly chart!

So could this rally have just begun?  Let’s dig in….

In the midst of all the fear and madness, LITH made a very Historic announcement on March 12.

This brand new to the markets CBD-product company was now going to provide products to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

BioELife Corp Mobilizes to Produce and Distribute Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Bacteria Protection Products

BioELife Corp. (OTC QB: LITH) formerly known as US Lithium Corp., announces that the Company’s chemists and medical advisors have completed their specifications for, and selection of, virus and bacteria protection products including a powerful hand sanitizer fortified with CBD and ultra-protective Nano-Fiber Face Masks. The masks will be manufactured by Respilon, a leading producer of nanofiber products. These products will be part of the Company’s BioEDefender product line and are now available for pre-order on the Company’s ecommerce site,, with expected fulfillment the first week of April.

sanitizer mask

The core of the masks consists of the latest technology using four layers of protection including a nanofiber membrane, RespiPro, with a 60 nano-meter opening that mechanically captures 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. These masks also contain a revolutionary layer of fabric with accelerated copper dioxide (ACuO) which deactivates viruses and bacteria with a 99.9% efficiency.  This new pathogen-deactivating feature helps reduce the spread of viruses. The masks can be reused for several days and are not considered biohazardous material after use. A second version, the Respiratory Shield, also has a Bacterial and Virus Filtration Efficiency of 99.9% and with same benefits but was engineered for 50 washing cycles. See more including videos at

The BioEDefense Hand Sanitizer is a proprietary formulation that combines Vitamin E, Aloe, and other nutrients fortified with pure CBD in a blend with a 70% alcohol base.  This exceeds the Center for Disease Control’s recommended alcohol potency for viral and bacterial defense and protection. While CBD is not a cure for the Coronavirus, its anti-bacteria, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory properties can assist and be very beneficial in the fight against this global pandemic.

“We are very proud of our emerging virus and bacteria protection product line which was specifically designed to aid this worldwide crisis. Our Respilon masks are by far the most effective available due to their revolutionary Nano-Fiber Technology and our BioEDefense Sanitizer exceeds The Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for viral and bacterial defense while being fortified with the beneficial proprieties of CBD. 

Most importantly, we are providing these critically important products on our ecommerce site,, at an attractive value point compared to less effective options being sold by our competitors at much higher price points.”  –  Gregory Rotelli, Chairman of the Board and President of BioELife

The company has since received Purchase Orders, Established and Advisory Board for R&D in the development of COVID-19 prevention, and added industry veterans and experts to it.

All of this is on top of the company’s already unique and exciting Product Offering of Hemp/CBD Tinctures, Flower, Gummies, Relief Rubs, and pre-rolls!

roll     cream     gmmies

As you can see, LITH is truly a unique company that’s really “Stepping Up” in this global pandemic AND capitalizing at the same time!

And while people might not be able to go bowling or see a movie in theaters right now, but they can still stock up on LITH’s wide array of Hemp & CBD products – a market that will collectively surpass $20 billion USD by 2024.

However, one other thing can’t go ignored…

Covid-19 has created a Historic Bear Market that has many investors fleeing the market.

And, what many investors don’t realize is that FORTUNES ARE MADE IN BEAR MARKETS.

And in this case, LITH may truly be poised to capitalize on high demand driving products that consumers NEED immediately.

Needless to say, with 2 BUY Ratings, a potential Breakout Chart, and high-demand products, there is no better time for LITH than NOW!

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